The project area 1.2 is focused on the evaluation and optimization of already implemented processes as well as the development of new innovative processes. The knowledge gained here serves as the basis for area 1.3 and thus the overall objective of the COMMBY project. Particular focus is given to the improvement of product qualities out of possible recycling concepts. These process optimizations always take into account not only the current environmental aspects but also the influences of a rapidly changing economic environment. To best address this challenging field of activity, the involvement of experienced industrial partners as well as the use of university research infrastructure - including laboratory analysis equipment and pilot plant units - is essential. This cooperation of university basic research and industrial expertise creates the ideal basis for excellent further developments. Worthy of mention in this context is the interactive development of a simulation model for predicting refractory wear in a high-temperature aggregate. Such simulations in conjunction with test series on a pilot plant scale form the basis for optimal process developments and directly impact improvement in product quality.